Board of Directors

RCCR has a team of historians and storytellers that are dedicated to remaining assessible to the untold and every unfolding history of Huntsville’s Civil Right’s journey. Your stories and accounts matter to us and further help us document and arhcive the facts! Listed below are members of the Board of Directors for 2021-2024:

Beth Patin - President

Sonnie Hereford, IV - Vice President

John Schmitt - Secretary

Peggy Sammon - Treasurer

Waymon Burke - Civic Engagement Coordinator (Adult)

Bobby Bradley - Civic Engagement Coordinator (Corporate)

Shannon Lampton - Civic Engagement Coordinator (Youth)

Kelly Fisk Hamlin - Historian

Danielle Ayres - Parliamentarian

Nora Ramsey - Archival Preservation Coordinator

Tyler Youngman - Digital Innovation Coordinator

Victoria Jones - Programs Coordinator

Board of Directors